Hi all,

Looking for some advice and hoping someone may have some insight to the legalities of what i am facing.

I am working in the IT Professional services sector.

When iwas hired for my job, I was only a Microsoft MCP and hired for the rate of 22k and have spent the last 10months gaining my Microsoft certified system engineer (a significantly higher qualification than i was hired on) in my own time at home with my company only paying for the exams when i was ready to do them. (i bought all my own training materials and have spent significant time studying at home)

My employer has gotten wind of the fact i am upskilling too quickly and appears to have gone behind my back and looked for reasons to put me on a disciplinary – i think possibly to avoid giving me some sort of appropriate payrise in january or with the intention of holding me back for positions available within the company further up the ladder.

He has presented me with little reasons like, “Came in at 8.57 so would not be ready for work at 9am” and “scratching alot causing distress to female workers” but i cant see any really substantial reasoning behind his logic for giving me this disciplinary. He has had a verbal with me 2 weeks ago, and has now just issued me a written for the exact same reasons he gave in the verbal 2 weeks ago and wants to hold a formal proceeding on tuesday.

I haveb een in the company for 10 months so couldn’t say it was constructive dismissal but i really think its a ploy to hold me back from progressing past other people in the company who are ‘in line’ to be promoted due to length of service.

Wondered if anyone had any advice for my disciplinary on tuesday as i have never been to one before, and want to minimise the risk of getting fired whilst letting him know my feelings on the matter.

As said any advice would be greatly appreciated.


James O’Hara

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