Thanks for trying to help me but:

I went to my Executive about a compromise agreement and got a b*****ing. He questioned my judgement, accused me of going for the soft option and started to question my suitability for the job. I did however get him to agree that he was defiantly a poor performer and should have been got rid of years ago. The biggest learning point from me going to my Boss? – I am never going to do it again!!

What all of the respondents to my question are overlooking is that I am a new Middle Manager, you talk about setting objectives, reviewing performance going down the disciplinary route. I have never had to do any of this before as I have never needed to. Don’t I need some training before I even tackle this issue?

I went to my HR Manager to ask for support on this issue, her response was “don’t go there’ this manager is real problem. When I started to get angry because I expected some help and support she went into ‘spook’ mode, she painted a bad picture of what was liable to happen if I addressed this performance issue. When I asked her to recommend some suitable training she offered me ‘appraisal’ training. The biggest learning point from me going to my HR Manager? – I am never going to do it again!!

It seems as if everybody is ‘discouraging’ me from tackling this poor performing manager, Am I the only middle manager this is happening to or are other middle managers getting the same discouragement from doing something that is right and proper?

Ann Burley

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