We have an employee who was employed on a fixed term contract.  They suffered an injury and were absent from work for 3 weeks in total.

The first week was self certified and the following 2 weeks were covered by medical certificates (2 certs for 1 weeks each). 

The employee says they posted the first med cert to office but it hasn’t been received.  The second was posted and the line manager confirmed that they had received it but that now appears to be missing.  The employee has requested a duplicate of the first certificate.

The absence was an inconvenience to the manager and communications have broken down between them.  The employee says the manager was less than sympathetic to him and the employee has subsequently resigned.


The line manager has asked payroll to with hold all this months salary as we may decided the absence is unauthorised. 


I feel that is unfair as we had sight of the second certificate but have mislaid it.

Does anyone have any advice?