I would be grateful for some advice. I joined a company in my first HR gnerealist role only 2 weeks ago and have today been alerted to what I feel is a serious problem. An employee is pregnant and feels that as soon as she told her boss, he has started making her life difficult. The boss agreed to let her come in a little later each day as she has been feeling very ill though this reasonable adjustment was not requested or granted in writing. Now, the boss is complaining about her work and attendance and she feels like he is trying to force her out. She is worried that the boss will sack her for being pregnant or treat her so badly she will be constructively dismissed. To make matters worse, when I asked the boss about this he claims that the day she announced the pregnancy he was planning to speak to her about her position as he feels she has an attitude problem and he is not happy with her work. He then felt he couldn’t do this as she had told him of her pregnancy. I have assured her that she cannot be sacked for being pregnant and suggested that she arrange a meeting between her and her boss with me in attendance to try and mediate to some sort of conclusion. Can anyone give me some advice on a) how I should advise/prepare the employee ahead of the meeting b) how I should advise the employer ahead of the meeting c) how I should conduct the meeting.