Hello all,

Hope you can advise on if this is fair and what points I can argue to the HR team if any. I was employed 6 months ago as a part time office staff with a 6 month probationary period.

Some 3 months ago the business made redundancies to the middle management level, leaving normal office staff such as myself , higher management and a few middle management.

My contract clearly stated that upon completion of the stated probationary period I will receive a small increase in hourly wage.

Upon completion of the 6 months I have had my review and I failed probation period due to the holiday I have taken over the last 6 months. The probationary period has now been extended by 3 months with monthly review. To clarify I started in February and was allocated 21 days it is now late August and I have 4 days remaining.

Some of this holiday was booked prior to employment and informed HR upon being employed. Also my wife has had a discectomy to which I have took a week which developed as an urgent requirement as well as children illness to which I was advised to use holiday rather than parental leave by my middle manager who was also present at my review.

Please can anyone advise me if this is fair action and comment from my HR team or if I have a case to argue that this isn't fair.

Many thanks

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