Hi. I recently moved to a new branch and seemed to settle in okay. A colleague had a 50th birthday party to which most of the staff were invited apart from around 3 including me. I asked another colleague if he was invited and said ‘she must not like me then’. Since then the colleague in question has barely spoke to me and avoided speaking to me. I have been upstairs in the canteen and this colleague will come in with other colleagues and sit on a different table. However when she is not in the other colleagues will sit with me and talk happily with me. The whole atmosphere when she is in is not pleasent.
Last week another member of staff was off and some colleagues knew why and others didn’t. The ones who didn’t were obviously concerned and wondered what was going on. I overheard a conversation with the colleague I am having problems with, another colleague and the one who is off work. I heard them make a number of statements including not telling another colleague.
I repeated what I heard them say and you can imagine it started all sorts of problems.
I came into work for the start of my shift and was asked to come to the office by my line manager and the colleague I have problems with. She proceeded to literally shout at me, not let me get a word in edge ways, hurl personal insults and speak to me in a way you wouldn’t even speak to a dog – and throughout this my line manager sat there and said nothing. I got up and told him it was a total waste of time. The colleague left after saying she had ‘her say’. My line manager just asked if I was okay and said he didn’t expect that. I fully did given the bullying I have previously experienced.
I told my line manager I wanted to make an official complaint and he has asked me to keep it within the department. However it has now been 4 days and nothing seems to have been done.
What can I do and what would you suggest is the best way forward ? Thanks Anthony
Anthony Bradshaw

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