I’d love to hear from anyone who has any ideas for a wellness at work initiative or programme they’ve implemented to encourage employees to give up smoking. My MD has approached me and asked me to look into what we could offer members of staff.

I thought about contacting a charity or government scheme to see if we could get someone in to do a talk or workshop and give people ideas on how to give up, tips and advice and inform people of their local support groups etc. My MD has suggested that perhaps we could pay for the cost of patches for X number of months or a similar offer?

We have approx. 200 staff, 50 of which are office based the other 150 are field based so anything we offered we would need to offer across the board.

My first aim is gauge how anything we offered would be received and I thought of sending a memo to all members of staff asking them to reply back if they would be interested? But with no real idea of what to offer I’ve held off doing this so far.

All comments/ ideas greatly received.

Lucy Hibbert

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