Hi everyone,
We have an ex employee who was given a compromise agreement in February 2006. His role was as site controller which was a high profile role and he was in effect in charge of the site. His role ceased to exist and a new role was created, site supervisor which he and his assistant applied for and his assistant was successful and took the new role.
We now have a vacancy for a team leader, which the ex employee has applied for.
My managers don’t particularly want this ex employee back in the company as there were issues with his performance as site controller. There is nothing in the compromise agreement regarding possible future employment with the company. My questions are:

1)Is there a time limit regarding re-employment of the individual where compromise agreements are concerned?

2)Do we have to give the individual an interview (he has the experience but not in practise)? Could he claim any kind of discrimination against us by not giving him an interview?
Thank you, any help and advice appreciated as always.
marie smith