I’m the regional head of a function having worked within this function for over 5 years building up a team covering multiple products. The dept. strategy going forward is that all work currently undertaken by my team be moved to the US (I’m london based). Given that my role effectively becomes redundant, am I in any position to force my company in to making me redundant ?

There are plenty of opportunities elsewhere in my region but not neccesarily of interest to me as my current role is the area of the business I have been interested in and the reason I joined the company (and I’ve invested a great amount of time and commitment in this area in the understanding that my experience with would provide a career path in this area..which is obviously less usefull to another business area).

I know the company wishes to keep me and isn’t trying to actively manage me out. Performance appraisals have been consistently above average and I’ve received pay increases and bonus increases relative to my peers but find I’m in a position where I have indepth knowledge of a business area that has no need for a London team (I’m not interested in relocating to the US for the sake of staying with the same company). There’s no active voluntary redundancy scheme at present.

renumeration aside…I know they could just offer statutory redundancy, where do I stand ?

many thanks,