I’m after any advice or suggestions regarding my redundancy, it is a bit complicated!!!
I found out on Thursday that my position has been made redundant, that was the first i had heard of it & no warnings or consultations were given.
I worked part time & up until 3 weeks ago i worked 3 days a week. However, due to it being quiet at work & changing personal circumstances i asked to change to 2 days a week which was verbally accepted – I only worked 1 two day week before being made redundant. In my redundancy meeting i was told i would be paid 1 months notice, i asked if this would be at a 2 or 3 day week & was told it would be 3 days. When my redundancy letter came confirming payments it is only based on me working a 2 day week. I rang my supervisor for an explanation & was told that she had made a mistake they are only going to pay me for a 2 day week for the notice period.
This is further complicated by the fact that i do not have a contract, despite repeatidly requesting one from my employers. Also, i have only been employed for just under a year, frustratingly my notice period leaves me 2 weeks short of a years service!!!

1) Do you think i have grounds for appeal?
2) Do you think it could be argued that if i had been properlly consulted it would have taken me up to the years service?
3) What do you think i am entitled to?
4) Any other advise or comments……..

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Claire Dowding