I wrote about a week ago about an employee that suffers from learning disability and is continually off work due to anxiety caused by work. He is still off sick at the present time however we have received a reference request for this employee from a care home. Now my boss feels this might be a good opportunity to finally get rid of him by giving him a good reference and hopefully the care home will take him on. Some of of the questions being asked is how many days has he been off in the last 12months and would we re- employ him. I know we would certainly not re-employ him if he was to leave and he has been off 74days between March and October this year. My boss says he is not asking us to lie in the reference but just make it look a little better so they can employ him and he doesnt have to deal with this employee anymore. I am thinking of calling the company requesting the reference and expalining the situation to them that yes he has had a lot of time off work but he is just an individual that requires a lot of support at work.. Is this a good move if not how could we deal with this.

Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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