Dear HR managers, officers, directors, and other HR people,

We are a group of students at the Judge Business School, at the University of Cambridge doing a student research project for MSA Interactive [hyperlink:] on human resources management. We would very much appreciate it if you could spare a couple of minutes to help us in our research.

All we ask you to do is to fill in our online questionnaire [hyperlink: ].
The data collected will be accessible only to the students conducting this research, and to MSA Interactive. Your contact details will be protected under the Data Protection Act and will not be shared with any other organisation for any reason whatsoever. We will only use your personal details to contact you if you give us your permission.

Our research is focused only on the UK HR market, so we would like to ask only people from the UK to reply. Thank you very much in advance, your attention will help us a lot in our research!

Yours sincerely,
Andrey, Michele, Kimmy and Raj
M Wong