We have just had a disciplinary meeting with one of our employees over a matter of false reporting of time on staff time sheets – i.e fraudulently claiming hours not worked.

After an investigation and evidence to support the allegation we have decided to dismiss on the grounds of gross misconduct.

However the employee has sent a letter fo resignation in giving 4 weeks notice.

My question is what is the best way forward with this situation.

1.Do we accept the letter of resignation and let the employee work their notice? They will not be able to make any more false claims for hours.

2. Should we suggest that they do not work their notice and pay them the remainder of the notice period?

3. Should we write to them stating that following the disciplinary hearing the result is that they are to be dismissed and they leave now?

We are happy to accept her resignation for the sake of her going with a ‘clean record’ so to speak.


Alex Grundy

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