Hi All,

I am preparing to write a whitepaper on more effective Resource Management and capturing Resources Effort etc.

I wanted to see what the experiences the HR profession has had in this area as an insight, as the HR angle is area for me to get more aquainted with… hence the post.

In my experience so far, a lot of HR Managers are struggling along with Excel at the moment to manage their Resources and are almost always crying out for something more robust.

I’m also finding more HR professional looking for a better way to track Time and Expense within the Resource base too. Is this an issue for you also?

Could anyone let me know if they have similar experiences or requirements in their organisation and if/how you have managed it? It will help me make sure I’m getting the most pertinent themes in there.

Thank you in advance and for context please take a look at our website at www.atlantic-global.com so you can see the type of system I mean.