I have been working with my present employer for over 2 years. At present i am on 18k p.a. and working in the operations as a team leader. applied for an internal vacancy (project analyst) that is graded at the same level as my present position(grade3.
I have cleared the interview and have been offered the position at 16k i.e a 2k cut from my present pay packet.
HR claims that i come from operations and do not have any projects expereince thus can only be slotted in the mid salary range that is 16k (the salary range for this position is 14k to 18k. I have been told to either accept or reject the offer and continue in operations and that the company is not forcing the paycut as it is my choice to move to projects. Please advise if there is any provision that protects my present salary as the new position is graded at the same level in the company although a different department. CAN i negotiate with HR as in what terms?
Puneet Kapoor