As of 1st December 2004 smoking will be banned from all of our facilities. We have the option at our sites with outdoor space to install a ‘gazebo’ for those who choose to smoke, however, we can’t do that at our other enclosed premises.
I had best point out that this is not a new company policy but is in fact a law being introduced here in NZ to protect non-smokers.
The question has been asked of me whether people have a right to smoke under the Human Rights Act?
If they are being banned from smoking at some of our sites because we don’t have an outdoor area they can utilise, are we obliged to let them smoke on the street outside the premises and extend their breaks to give them time to get there?
We feel we are supporting our staff as best we can by offering them help to quit smoking if wanted – this law will impact across the whole of NZ society by banning smoking in enclosed spaces, so will impact on bars, restaurants and many other social aspects of the lives of our staff – not just work.
Does anyone else have experience of this? I’d be really interested in hearing how other people have implemented smoking bans in their workplaces.



Lucie Jerome