Hello all,

For the past few years I have wanted to begin working within the HR industry. I have many years within the hospitality industry at management level, administration and sales experience and an honours degree in Media and Communications, from Glasgow Caledonian University.

I have found that dispite my experience and suitable skillset, it is impossible to gain even an interview for advertised HR assistant / administrator positions to begin my career.

At this point I have gained financial help from family to begin further education to gain academic qualifications relevant to the industry.

Option 1.

Return home to Aberdeen (currently I live with my partner in Glasgow) and study for a year – MBA HRM at University of Aberdeen or alternatively MSc HRM at RGU.

Option 2.

Study CIPD level 7 Diploma in HRM long distance through ICS, this will take 4 years however I will be able to work full time – hopefully once I begin the qualification I may have a better chance of picking up an entry level position and working in the industry whilst studying.

I am finding it incredibly difficult to find any advise to determine which option would be best fitted and provide me with the best chance at getting started.

I would appreciate any comments in return!

Thank you for your help,

Amy Barnes