I understand that Statutory Leave Entitlement is accrued from the first day of service, until the final day of service.

However, my Trust promotes the fact that if you start after the 1st of the month, or leave before the last day of the month, you are not entitled to any leave for that month, either statutory or contractual.

To add to the mix, flexible workers on zero hour contracts have 12.07% added to their hourly rate to take into account the Statutory leave entitlement. (rolled up holiday pay).

Thus, if a person was to be appointed to a permanant role on say 2 August and left on the 30 Aug, my employer would not pay any leave, statutory or contractual as they had not worked a complete month.

A fexible worker who started and left on the same dates however, would have received 12.07% on top of their hourly rate.

I feel that this is not correct.