I have been employed for the last two months as a Senior PA/Office Manager. However, my role involved all HR functions at head office. I wasn’t anticipating that this would be much – the odd contract, offer letter etc. but have instead dealt with disciplinaries of the FD and the CEO with all that that entails. I have also been dealing with all other issues that have come up. I have found it challenging but really enjoyed it.

The company has gone into administration and although I am being kept on for the time being (along with a skeleton staff) I am looking to move into HR properly but appreciate that as I only have 2 months experience I may find this a little difficult.

I am really looking for any advice that anyone can give me. I have looked into doing my CIPD but it appears that I will have to gain experience before I am accepted onto a course but obviously will find it difficult to gain the experience without the CIPD! I have concentrated on employee relations for the last couple of months and, although it may sound somewhat arrogant, think I have equipped myself well!

So, does anyone have any suggestions as to my next step?

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