I was employed by my current company at the end of November, and my contact stated that I would serve a 3 month probationary period.

On the 15th January (having worked for the company for 7 weeks) I spoke directly to my line managers and gave my letter of resignation, as I have received a far superior offer of employment from another company (not a rival).

In my resignation letter, I stated that I was looking to come to an agreement regarding my leaving date as soon as possible, in order to give my new employee a start date. I also suggested that I would be in a position to clear any outstanding work etc by the end of two weeks and look to leave during week three of my notice (also coinciding with the end of the month and payroll).

I receive no acknowledgement of my letter, and I chased it again after two days. I still received no confirmation regarding my proposal until over a week later, when my line manager communicated to me through a senior colleague that they wanted me to work my full notice period including any holidays that I had owing. No formal written confirmation of this has been given.

My contact states 1 months notice during probation, however goes on to state that following probation I would give 1 weeks notice for each year I serve to a minimum of 4 weeks. So effectively I must give more notice during probation that when I am made permanent.

I am still very keen to leave after 3 weeks of my notice, how does this place me in terms of breach of Contact and the actions my employer could take.


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