I have been asked to enable managers of the warehouse to search employees, and their cars, lockers etc as part of measures to prevent stock going missing.

Currently the employment contracts have no such clause relating to this area. I understand that I would need to go through a change of contract process and gain consent prior to implemtation. I have not dealt with the introduction of ‘right to search’ clauses, but don’t imagine that they are the best ones with regard to ease of consent!

My reluctance to proceed in this area to date, is that there have been no reported cases of theft or missing stock. (Just a suspicious manager I suspect!) I felt uncertain that we had a strong enough business reason to push for introduction of this policy / clause. (Or maybe I’m just being too cautious?) Today I just learned that 3 items of stock have gone missing at some point within the last 8 months.

Does you have experience of dealing with the introduction of contractual clauses / policies in this area? If so any advice or tips would be gratefully received.

Many thanks
Sarah Jennings