My Mother has been diagnosed with cancer and has to attend hospital for treatments – this may go on for some time. My Father is unable to take her so I will be doing this. This will make it necessary for me to take time off work to do so (I work an hour from home and the hospital in question is an hour in the opposite direction!). I am being expected to use my holiday time to do this, which is ok up to a point, but will leave me with no personal time off, and at such a stressful time this will be added pressure. I suggested unpaid leave but was told that I am needed at work and can’t have both unpaid and personal leave. I also asked about flexible working (though did not formally apply for this) and was told that I am needed present in the building rather than contactable at home.
I am not sure if I have an actual “rights”. I am not her full-time carer as yet, but am in a situation where I am the only person who can get her to and from appointments. Can anyone advise me if there is anything else I can investigate or do I have to “lump it”!
Thanks everyone
Clare Denyer