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I was wondering if I could get some advice please.

I am currently working on a tupe project and need some on on terms and conditions of employment. Under the tuipe law i understand that an employee transfersunder the terms and conditions of their employment. My question though is how do you determine what is contrctual and not. For example where all benefits are not listed in the principal statement of Ts &Cs but a reference is made as below.

Other terms and conditions of employment

" those not specifically mentioned in the above (meaning Tc&Cs ) are covered by the employee handbaook a copy of which is avaliable to all employees on the intranat which is updated from time to time."

Now the benefits listed in the employee handbook/intranat includes things like gym membership, season ticket loan, holiday top up scheme, long service awards, eye care vouchers, childcare vouchers etc. my question is does that mean that all these are contrctual benefits because the principal statment has made reference to them in the actual document.

if this is the case and the receiving company cannot afford to continue with thses benefits because they are a much smaller company what can be done to resolve this situation please?

if the company is propsoing a buy out scheme fot some of these benefits is there a particular formula for calculating what is been offered as an incentive please?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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