The receptionis at my company has been taking over the company accountant’s role. It is a small company and the accountant covers all aspects of accounts. The receptionist has been telling customers & Suppliers that she deals with the accounts. She has even gone as far as telling the bank that she deals with the accounts, even though she has nothing to do with any of it. Along with this she will not talk to the accountant about anything & she has refused to comment in relation to purchasing items infront of the accountant (The receptionist raises most of the purchase orders)when the MD was away.
The accountant has complained and the MD has spoken to the receptionist but she hasn’t changed. The MD doesn’t want to discipline the receptionist. She also seems to think that the company cannot run without her.

Any Advice as the accountant feels that she is being bullied by the receptionist, (there are a few other things that the receptionist has done & said to the accountant over the past year) and is threatening to leave and sue the company.
Angela Chambers

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