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We have an employee that suffers from learning difficulties, in June this year he made an allegation against his supervisor for bullying and victimisation, this was investigated but we couldnt find any substantial evidence to support his allegations.

Prior to this employee making the allegations he was signed off sick by his doctors for suffering from depression and anxiety. This absence lasted over 2 months and when he finally returned to work we advised him that we had found no eveidence to support his allegations however to provide him with additional support at work we would move him to a different site where he could be closely monitored and supported by a more senior manager and had little or no dealings with his previous supervisor.

In addition to this we changed his duties and he was given very light duties compared to his colleagues. He returned to work on August the 17th and between then and now he has only worked for 10days.

He has been off for one thing or the other and just last week his doctors signed him off again stating that he remains worried about his job which is aggrvating his anxiety. He went on to say and I quote ‘I realise that ‘x’ may actually be receiving significantly more support than most of his employees however the nature of his problems is that he will require a lot of support, understanding and encouragement to be able to perform to the best of his abilities’.

We believe we are already doing this and dont know how else to handle this situation. This employee works as a cleaning operative. The clients that we provide services to are completeley unhappy with this situation as this employee is hardly ever at work and even when he is present we keep getting complanits about his work. Any advise on how to proceed with this will be greatly appreciated.

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