What is the funniest thing a training participant has said to you during, or after a training event?

I am going to compile a word document with everything that is sent to me during the first three months of this posting. Then I will offer it up free to you all.Let me start with my three top hits! Burned on my mind for ever!

1. After delivering team building training in Blackpool, a woman who said she had enjoyed the course asked me "WHY DID YOU INSIST ON KEEP PUTTING US IN GROUPS?"

2. Winchester Guild Hall – open to the public-14 delegates assembled for my equality law course. Going around the room,I asked each person to tell the group about their job,what they wanted from the course and any hobbies. I arrived at participant 12, a stout woman with shopping bags on her knee,at the side and on the table. I recited the questions asked 11 times previously.A look of injured surprise. "Well love", she said (getting up), I think I’ll leave it" AND left!

3. Liverpool – young people on an employment course(rights and responsibilities). I asked them to draw up our contract for the day, ground rules and protocols etc. Well, we had punctuality/confidentiality/respect/every question valid etc. Suddenly one of the lads (very,very loudly) said he had a rule he wanted observing. Go ahead, I said. " I am not being, not being funny,he opened(always a bad opener), but lets have a rule on no " effing swearing". I hate "effing swearing" on these courses.I don’t like "effing swearing" anyway, he insisted, and then with EMPHASIS " with "effing women" on the course. He moved on apace in the course without "effing swearing" except when he perceived that somebody had just broken one of the other "effing ground rules" which he was anxious to police. I was exhausted at the effing end lol.

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