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I would really appreciate some help with this… We have a junior member of office based staff currently signed off with  "work-related anxiety and an eating disorder". The employee has been away from the office for 4 weeks now, and I was wondering whether I would be right to contact her to see if we could arrange a meeting to see how we can assist her in her return to work. We are currently not aware of what exactly in the work place caused her so much anxiety, she hadnt raised any issues prior to calling in sick. I have only contacted her up until now to explain to her how SSP works and to acknowledge the receipt of her fit note (or not fit note as it were). I dont want to be over zealous in contacting her and risk being accused of harrassment or pressuring her to come back to work before she is ready, however on the other hand the Company is not in a position to be carrying passengers and we do want to be seen to be supportive and encouraging to her position. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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