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Are Millennials more likely to jump ship?


Millennials leave their employers more often, and in greater numbers, than older employees, according to new research.

The poll of 233 HR professionals from a range of industries found that 30 percent of respondents said they’d lost 15 percent or more of their Generation Y workforce in the past year.

The research was carried out by Boston-based Millennial Branding and

Dan Schawbel, founder of Milennial Branding, said that 18-30 year olds approach work in a way that organisations are not familiar with and therefore unprepared for.

He said that organisations are used to “generations of workers who get a job and stay there for life," rather than the “job-hopper” mentality of younger staff.

He identified job meaning, flexible working and progression opportunities as key requirements of Generation Y workers.

"If they don't see a path up, they see a path out,” he added.

There’s a lot written about the mentality of Generation Y workers but the key question is whether the driving force behind their values is truly a different mentality or whether it’s their age itself.

Speaking to HRE Online, PwC principal Sayed Sadjady said that “in the earlier stages [of a career], employees traditionally switch jobs at a higher frequency than more experienced workers, and the frequency of change will continue for a period, as they try out different roles and organizations until they find the right one for them."

Sadjady did note, however, that this expected phenomenon has accelerated throughout the latest recession.

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Jamie Lawrence

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