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Argos worker sacked following Facebook rampage


An Argos worker has been given the boot following public criticism of his bosses on social networking site, Facebook.

Reported by the Sun, Tom Beech, 20 supposedly set up I Work At Argos And Can’t Wait To Leave Because It’s Sh** on the site.

Beech was duly sacked for gross misconduct from his £6.55 an hour job in Wokingham, Berks, following a disciplinary hearing.

The sacked employee told the paper: “I’m stunned they’ve fired me for this. I had a really bad day and was feeling overworked and under-paid. My mistake was to sound off on Facebook. I wish I’d moaned at a mate.”

Last week, HR Zone, reported a warning by an employee screening company which said that career hungry candidates should stay clear of social networking sites like Facebook to safeguard their career prospects.

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Annie Hayes


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