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Associate Director Workplace Strategy & Change

Nathan is an experienced business operations consultant with over 13 years of Workplace Change Management and Strategy experience. Nathan has extensive experience across large organisations and has led and helped shape the change journeys to realise business drivers and benefits with measurable outputs and outcomes.

Previously, Nathan has held a number of senior positions including  Change Director and Change Lead across major institutions leading a diverse range of change management initiatives from Technology, Process, Structural, Cultural and Workplace, to name a few.

Nathan brings a unique and in-depth experience in Change Management enabling a dedicated focus on people outcomes and the sustainability agenda. Strategically, Nathan has been involved in large scale cultural transformation agendas impacting up to 30,000 + Staff across a number of different initiatives.

Along with his continued interest and research into neuroscience and human psychology and its impact in changing habit and behaviours, Nathan helps to marry the theoretical with the practical, as a Guest Lecturer and Tutor at both Macquarie and Sydney University.

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