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Maynard Leigh Associates


Andrew Leigh is a founding director of Maynard Leigh Associates and a Fellow of the CIPD. He is author and joint author of a number of books on presentations, leadership, management and teams. His latest book The Charisma Effect is being translated into eight languages.

Having been a columnist on the business section of The Observer, he spent many years as an Assistant Director in various UK local authorities, and subsequently set up Maynard Leigh with his fellow director Michael Maynard in 1989. The company which recently celebrated its 20th year, has a core mission of Unlocking People’s Potential and works with a wide ranging clientele from major corporations such as DHL, Visa and Aviva through to medium sized and small companies that want to bring about significant changes in individual and corporate performance.

The company pioneered the idea of using ideas from the theatre in business and much of its approach is described in the book Dramatic Success.

Andrew has a particular interest in managing and managing change, and especially culture change and has written an award winning paper on sustaining it. He is also a director of Parity Eco Solutions, an award-winning provider of environmental solutions to the residential building sector.

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