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Avantus Systems

Managing Director

Since the 1990s, James Whelan has been involved in internet technology, from interactive e-commerce and transactional financial websites to multi-tenanted cloud-based workplace engagement platforms.

At Avantus the focus is on Financial Services and Employee Benefits, which together are improving the employee engagement process for advisers, companies and their employees, through relevant use of flexible benefits, staff communication, career progression and ultimately deep-seated job satisfaction.

By responding to consumer trends and evolving business philosophies, aligning them with the intelligent use of relevant technology has enabled Avantus’ clients (financial/insurance/benefit advisers) to retain their post-RDR legacy client bank whilst increasing their revenues through intuitive financial education and cross-selling of relevant services. Similarly, small brokers are using a subset of Avantus’ tech to punch well above their weight and are now winning market share of group pension/risk business from the slow movers.