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With over 20 years on Wall Street, and one of the small number of women in leadership within Financial Tech today, Cecilia is an advocate for not only women in FinTech, but also for women aspiring to leadership anywhere.

Graduating from the prestigious Wellesley College, which counts Hillary Clinton as one of its alumnae, Cecilia was led to Wall Street by a chance careers day visit to Wall Street that her friend persuaded her to join. Once there, Cecilia was captivated by the energy and knew a career in finance was for her.

20 years later, she is now a tech start up founder, a senior women working in FinTech, and a champion of diversity in technology. Her previous roles include being the COO of Citigroup Markets and Securities Services Technology, and positions with Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital and IBM Consulting.

Cecilia’s experience as an African-American woman within the financial markets has inspired her to become an advocate for not only women in FinTech, but also diversity and equality of opportunities. Past projects include developing female talent for Citigroup, as well as implementing a worldwide female empowerment programme. Cecilia is now working on

This Tech World, where she investigates how technology can help all of us lead more productive and fulfilled lives, as well as looking into how technology can empower small and medium sized businesses and help them compete. She also heads up Tech Women Today, a platform to showcase women in technology, and a resource for women who want to be leaders and increase their influence in the workplace.

Cecilia has previously written a career book for those just starting out, the Green Machine: A Career Guide for the Young Professional, and has spoken at numerous conferences, worldwide. Her current messages include shining the spotlight on Queen Bee syndrome in the workplace, and how damaging that can be; how tech can improve our lives and businesses, and the importance of finding a sponsor to help support you in your career.


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