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Ultimate Resilience

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Jo Burrell is an accomplished Clinical Psychologist and Coach with over 25 years of professional expertise. Drawing on her own transformation from educational under-achiever to dual chartered psychologist, Jo’s personal journey fuels her commitment to helping others overcome life’s challenges and achieve lasting fulfilment. 

Jo’s career spans two decades within the NHS, where she honed her clinical and leadership skills before co-founding Ultimate Resilience. To date, the company’s multi award-winning training and coaching have helped thousands of people in over 70 companies worldwide to achieve lasting wellbeing and resilience. 

An influential figure in her field, Jo is regularly invited to share her psychological expertise at speaking events and on podcasts. She is also actively engaged in advancing academic workplace wellbeing and resilience knowledge through research projects and published articles. Her insights have appeared on the pages of several leading HR journals and national newspapers.