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Shift Consultancy Ltd


I run a management consultancy (, which helps companies redesign themselves for the future, improving agility, learning, innovation, engagement and performance.

I started the company in July 2015, having left my role as Head of Talent. How did I get there?  Well, having started my career in customer service roles, I joined the RAF as a commissioned officer in 1990 primarily to develop my leadership and management skills. I’ve been in leadership roles within a variety of organisations ever since.

I left the RAF in 1997 and ten years later, with significant financial, facilities and HR management experience under my belt, I completed a MBA. During my studies, I decided to specialise in strategic HR management because organisations are all about people and how they work together and I felt that this was where I had the opportunity to make a real difference.

My HR career since then has been in ‘head of function’ roles in private companies with between 70 and 650 employees and a turnover of between £4M and £30M. Throughout the whole of my career I’ve been focused on change, people and performance and working as a HR professional has enabled me to use my skills to enhance organisations for the benefit of all stakeholders.