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Phase 3 Consulting

Former Managing Director

Kate Wadia (1977 – 2019) was Managing Director at Phase 3, the independent specialists in people technology consulting and was instrumental in helping grow the company to the position they are in today.

Her passion was to bridge the gap between technology and people at work, translating for HR professionals the language of HR systems and making meaningful their potential. She believed that success with people technology was through people and that people are the differentiator. Kate always strived to put other people first and took genuine pleasure from seeing others develop, not only as work colleagues but as individuals.

With a background in contrasting private and public sector HR management, Kate developed her thinking in seeking for herself to understand her first HR systems project work. She also focused on offering ‘Insights’, through writing and speaking engagements, talent development in HR technology and the continuing development of new industry ideas. Kate always believed that sharing knowledge doesn’t dilute it.

Kate’s guiding principle – that openness offers knowledge-sharing, credibility and trust, best delivered with incorrigible enthusiasm – remains a legacy that resonates powerfully today.