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Training Hand - Think Confidence

Author, Coach, Facilitator

Mike McClement is a personal development expert. His work ethic is to inspire, motivate and help people to achieve more in their lives. 

He founded Training Hand Ltd ( in 1995 and, more recently, its sister company Think Confidence ( Both companies focus on personal development training and coaching.

Mike’s professional expertise is in the areas of self-confidence, assertiveness, motivation and personal effectiveness. His work centres around the development and facilitation of bespoke training for groups and, on a more personal level, one to one coaching programmes for individuals. He also delivers speeches and short workshops on confidence and motivation at business events and conferences.

In business, he works in both the Public and Private Sectors and at all levels of seniority; from Chief Executive to junior staff member. His courses are also popular with people who need to build their confidence in their personal lives outside work. His particular interest and motivation lies in the challenge of helping people to realise their full potential.

His book Brilliant Confidence, published by Pearson Education in 2010, is popular with readers interested in personal development and self-confidence. The second edition will be out in December 2012.

Mike is a keen snow skier and tennis player. He keeps fit by trail running along the coastal paths of South Devon, UK where he lives with his wife, Jenny and three teenage children. 

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