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Sarah has over 20 years’ consulting and leadership development experience working with executives and executive teams. The focus of her work is to help create the conditions for leadership success and growth in an ever more complex changing business environment. Practically, this translates into personal coaching at senior level, leading into organisation wide work, to enable individuals and companies to realise their potential.

A qualified business psychologist, Sarah started her career in operations within the Financial Services and Supermarket Retailing sectors before transitioning to consulting. After 10 years as Director for one of the country’s first and leading business psychology consultancies, Sarah moved on to set up and grow her own leadership coaching business, before joining Black Isle in 2015.

Coupled with her practical business experience Sarah brings a highly pragmatic, commercially focused, robust and insightful approach to coaching. She applies her understanding of the human condition to the design and delivery of coaching to create an experience and outcomes that are enduring for individuals and the business as a whole.