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Tessa Armstrong Associates

Career and Performance Coach

‘Career Coaching with Tessa has been an invaluable and life changing experience. I realise that sounds a little bit dramatic but when you finally know what you want to do and can go after it with focus, direction and passion, it can truly change your life.’ Julie K Pilgrim

Tessa helps individuals to achieve the career that suits them best. Her unique perspective on working life has developed from her career as a solicitor, working for a top 10 national charity and establishing her own business. She has an understanding of all the challenges faced by individuals throughout their career and adopts a positive focus to enable individuals to feel confident and excited about their career choices.

Tessa has helped many individuals to resolve the challenges they face at work, reducing feelings of stress and enabling them to take control over their career development. She is qualified in coaching and NLP and ensures that all her coaching programmes enable her clients to pursue fulfilling and rewarding career paths.

Tessa’s clients include solicitors, other professionals from the private and public sectors, the charity sector and SMEs. She is featured in well known publications including the Law Gazette and provides group seminars and talks (as reviewed here). Her energy, dedication and passion ensure that her clients get the maximum benefit from career coaching straightaway and develop their chosen career path more quickly and easily than doing it alone.

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