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Tim has over 23 years’ experience in the financial services sector as an innovator looking for ways to leverage new technology to help corporate and new start organisations provide happier, more positive experiences for both their customers and employees. 

A problem solver, Tim shapes new ideas and customer value propositions, disrupting business models to help businesses become more agile.  He is passionate about the transformative power of people, from whom, he believes, authenticity, humility, openness and honesty can create richer, more positive working lives.  His expertise extends to transformational strategy, never accepting the status quo, and constantly seeking new ways to make a difference across different aspects of an organisation, integrating research, insight and change delivery.

More recently, Tim has been involved in digital and Fintech organisations, building businesses and teams in new start, large independents and global corporate environments in the UK, APAC and the US.  Companies include Lloyds TSB, Bibby Financial Services, Verus360, The Agile Business Accelerator and Hargreaves Lansdown.

His focus has also been on transforming financial services for a digital world, and acting as a thought leader in the space, including building and launching a pioneering digital Alternative Finance product.  He’s also been responsible for introducing products across banking networks, pioneering Business Intelligence in banking, and helping initiate self-regulation of an industry through research and insight.

Tim says, “I am passionate about getting leaders to be bold, helping employees to perform more effectively and organisations to transform themselves positively.  However, there is always, as it turns out from a neuroscience perspective, an ‘invisible blocker’ to truly unlocking people’s potential and letting them flourish, and that is because they can’t tell you how they feel, and at an organisational level those conversations that should happen, can’t happen.  So, ultimately, organisational honesty is a fallacy.  Therefore, for me, the excitement, passion and inspiration of Truthsayers® comes from finally having a ‘remover of obstacles’.”