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BA cuts cause havoc


The troubled airline, British Airways (BA) has hit the headlines again this week as staff shortages caused further flight disruption.

Following a narrow escape from strike action over pay the airline seemed to be back on its feet, having reached a settlement with the unions.

Customers were left angry when an estimated 3,000 passengers faced disruption on Tuesday as BA cancelled flights for the second day in a row.

BA placed the blame on a lack of check-in-staff and an unusually high number of resignations this year.

Mike Street, British Airways’ director of customer service and operations, said: “There were a combination of reasons behind the operational difficulties but the main issue was staff shortages. That was our responsibility and we apologise unreservedly.

“To rectify this we currently have more than 200 staff going through customer service training courses which will ease the situation when they come on duty next month.”
The airline admitted to using short-term measures to manage the crisis including using volunteers from across the company.

The unions, however, were less sympathetic.

Brendan Gold of the Transport and General Workers’ union said the lack of staff had been the result of a policy to leave vacancies unfilled.

“It has cut 13,000 jobs across the airline. In key areas it is beginning to see real shortages,” he said.

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