The human resources industry has undergone a major transition this year with respect to the Covid-19 pandemic and the growing technological advancements. The application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software-as-a-service products has made organizations more competitive and more productive. And in the middle of a strategic revolution, there’s no better time to discover what’s trending in HR and how to implement those in your organization.  

But it can be hard to prioritize our time when there’s so much HR goodness out there to consume. You may have a lot of questions running in your mind like where to find? Who to follow? Do not worry, as we have got it all covered for you. We have compiled a list of 10 best HR blogs that help you with the resources serving various HR functions. Let’s straight away dive into it:  

Fistful Of Talent 

The Fistful of Talent Human Resources blog has been compiled by a range of talented authors. This HR blog is a centralized forum for feedback, thoughts, and advice from top HR executives, so readers can benefit from a wide variety of unique experiences. Some of the most popular topics include corporate talent management, third-party and executive recruiting, and employee coaching. 


Fond basically offers information on how to inspire, acknowledge, reward, and retain the workforce. Managers and HR experts will be able to find valuable action pieces as well as high-level theory — everything they need to shape up their engagement and retention initiatives.  

HR Bartender 

Established and managed by Sharlyn Lauby, HR Bartender addresses a wide range of topics in a fun yet precise way that HR leaders can comprehend and be able to implement. As the name suggests, spending time on this blog sounds like a comfortable chat with a professional bartender who’s always there and full of practical tips and resources to help you resolve your concerns. 

Keka HR Blog 

Keka HR, one of the leading HR and payroll software, is an employee experience platform offering services to automate and optimize various HR operations. Their blog section is dedicated to educate the HR fraternity and guide them in making informed decisions for the employees as well as the organization. Discover blogs and videos related to diverse facets of HR in their resources section. 


SnackNation isn’t all about offering nutritious office treats (although you’ll see some snack-centric articles)—it’s also about helping companies develop their organizational culture, workplace fitness programs, employee engagement, and more. This is a great forum for HR managers as well as leaders who are looking to create a better, happier workplace. 

The Evil HR Lady 

The Evil HR Lady(Suzanne Lucas) has been into HR blogs for over a decade now and has her wings spread across every business or HR related website. But her blog is the perfect place to explore all her posts in an easy-to-use format — which is great because it’s almost difficult to think about an HR-related topic she hasn’t discussed yet. 

The HR Capitalist 

The HR Capitalist blog offers a wide range of content around HR. However, the blog is coming from America, so expect to see a lot of HR news alerts that are directly concerned with the United States. But, the one key reason we added it to the list is that it’s a darn good read! They pick up existing and important issues and discuss them in a manner that ‘will have an influence on the HR industry.’ 

The Undercover Recruiter 

The Undercover Recruiter provides a holistic outlook on the current employer/employee market with advice for recruiters, hiring managers as well as candidates who are looking for jobs. The content on this blog is comprehensive and offers a wide spectrum of opinions that offer some insights into each job role involved in the recruitment process. 

Tiny Pulse 

TINY Pulse has an intriguing set of blogs that range to serve various HR functions such as employee engagement, employee retention, company culture, and so on. It provides information that readers will potentially put into practice to better strengthen their organization’s talent acquisition and performance strategies. 


Workology (previously known as Blogging for Jobs) offers a variety of publications by more than 100 published authors. The blog seeks to offer guidance to HR personnel throughout their journey, right from intern to executive. Whether you’re attempting to land into your first HR job or are redesigning the perks of a large company, Workology offers timely advice to navigate the pitch and improve your skills and knowledge. 

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