Recognise This! – Implemented correctly, a truly strategic approach to social recognition can deliver desired results for increased performance, productivity, engagement and retention faster than nearly any other HR-driven effort.

As we enter a new year, let’s resolve to take advantage of the new tools, techniques and technologies at our fingertips. For example, why does recognition matter? And why is recognising employees for their work still a concept that sometimes requires convincing?

IM Flash’s recognition and engagement specialist, Corinne Selk, commented on just this in a recent article, saying: “People are your most important assets. So why is it that making people feel valued and appreciated is such a foreign concept?”

Yvette Cameron, research director for HCM technologies at Gartner Inc., added: “I think we are lacking in genuine acknowledgment of the efforts of individuals across the organisation. We struggle to demonstrate alignment between what the company needs and what [employees] are doing every day.”

The article goes on to suggest 3 ways to get the most out of social recognition:

  1. Consolidate rewards budgets to invest in a unified employee recognition system
  2. Manager and executive training critical in implementation
  3. Plan for ongoing support to sustain interest in social recognition systems

The results of putting in the effort speak for themselves. The article ends with this advice from Selk, “Get the data to speak for you. Our scores on [the] particular set of questions that we were using as our baseline [for engagement] jumped.”