Looking to boost the skills and knowledge of your HR department to help you in your quest to bring recruitment in-house? If so, it might be worth encouraging your team to study towards a professional qualification.

Chances are that more senior HR employees are likely to already have a recognised HR qualification under their belts – but what about the more junior members of your team?

Courses are a fantastic way of increasing both the depth and breadth of knowledge within your HR department. Whether you choose to send your newest recruit on a basic course to provide them with vital HR fundamentals, or you want a member of your team to gain specialist direct sourcing knowledge, the benefits to your business are endless.

Offering study support also shows that you’re committed to investing in your team – meaning that they’re more likely to stay with you as your HR department continues to grow and develop.

Most notably, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) offers a range of HR courses and qualifications at different levels, including HR Practice, L&D Practice, HR Management and HR Development.

Each of the CIPD courses has the option of being completed as an award, certificate or diploma, depending on how much time your HR Advisor has to invest.

The Institute of Recruiters (IoR) In-House Recruitment Courses are also perfect to help you with your direct sourcing if you’re looking to bring recruitment in house.

1) CIPD Foundation Qualification (for the junior members of your team)

This is a great qualification for more junior HR staff or HR support staff within your business who are yet to hold any qualifications but keen to advance in the HR industry.

The Foundation Qualification will equip them with the essential skills and knowledge required to progress and also puts them in good stead to become a professional member of the CIPD.

2) CIPD Intermediate Qualification (for your HR Advisors)

As the equivalent to an undergraduate qualification, this course is great for HR professionals who are already responsible for implementing HR policies and strategies and are looking to gain experience at a higher level.

3) CIPD Advanced Qualification (for your HR decision makers)

This is a brilliant course for the member of your HR team who’s responsible for HR decision making, development and helping your business to achieve its HR goals. This is an important qualification as it’s the stepping stone to become a Chartered Member of CIPD – one of the most recognised qualifications in the industry.

4) IoR In-House Recruitment Course (for those looking to bring recruitment in-house)

If you’re looking to start direct sourcing, the IoR courses are great for developing the skill-set of your HR team or helping any existing in-house recruiters to gain qualifications.

Designed and delivered by tutors who’ve handled recruitment for both SMEs and larger companies, this will equip your team with the knowledge required to successfully direct hire.

Do you know of any other great HR courses? Please let us know in the comments.