Do you know which job boards and advertising platforms are providing you with the best ROI? Understand which supplier generates your most ‘quality’ applications?

As your recruitment efforts ramp up, measuring the success of your sourcing without the assistance of recruitment software can become a cumbersome for many busy in-house recruitment managers.

Reporting on the performance of your recruitment allows you to easily identify where you are wasting your recruitment spend, and where you should be using it for greater results. And this is where an ATS can come in handy.

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) have evolved recruitment reporting. They can transform how you can evaluate your success and also how your entire hiring process is performing, from start to finish.

But, do you know exactly what reporting you can expect from an ATS? With numerous reports available Webrecruit highlights 4 below to give you an insider’s look at what it can do for your recruitment.

1.   Source of application

You role is live and your getting plenty of interest from keen candidates; great. But, where did all these candidates hear about your role? Was it from your activity on social media, your job board advertisement or did they visit your career site directly?

By being able to track and report on this, in just a couple of clicks, you can ensure you know for certain which platforms to focus your recruitment drive on further and which aren’t pulling their weight.

2.   Cost-per-hire

Input the financials that impact on your recruitment process and you can easily track and pull off instant reports on your cost-per-hire. You can even go a step further and segment this down by departments.

3.   Vacancy report

Managing several vacancies, for numerous hiring managers can be a demanding process for in-house recruiters. But with vacancy reporting you can easily pull off a full overview report of all your current vacancies allowing you to see in one snapshot at what stage each role is currently at.

4.   Agency usage report

A common trend amongst many in-house recruitment managers is a desire to drive down the percentage of roles that are handled by agencies. With an agency usage report you can ensure you keep these roles close to you and monitor the agency usage of your business and how much it is ultimately costing you.

These are just 4 of a long list of recruitment reports ATS’s offer. The full list is impressive to say the least and is a key tool for any in-house recruiter tasked with enhancing their direct sourcing.

With a comprehensive suite of reports built to your specifications, plus, the ability to build your own additional reports at any time Webrecruit’s recruitment software solution – Fusion- is an ATS designed to enhance businesses direct sourcing strategies.

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