The recruitment process is witnessing new milestones with each coming year. New tools are being introduced to accelerate the hiring process. One such tool is social media which has become an important part of almost every industry. Apart from running campaigns on social media and interacting with clients, companies have now started using this channel for appointing right candidates.

If you are not looking at adopting social recruiting, you are missing on something very important. To be at par with the competitors, you need to stay abreast with the latest trends.

But what is so great about social media that it has become an important recruiting tool? Let us check out this article to know further.

Few facts:


Twitter is used by 81% of millennials at least once a day

Facebook is used by 22% of the global population

LinkedIn has 450 million+ users


These facts show how popular these channels are among people.


91% of organizations hire candidates through social media.

In 2017, the No.1 planned investment technology is Social Recruiting Software.


These statistics show the importance of social recruiting for companies.

Here are a few reasons why every company is adopting Social Recruiting:

Resume Enrichment

Many companies are using software which offers a resume enrichment feature. It fetches missing information of candidates from their social profiles and updates their resume with the same. Thus, recruiters get a better insight of candidate’s resume and are able to take right decisions quickly. More and more companies are using this tool as it facilitates quick hiring through social media.

Perfect platform for hiring

Social media is an excellent way to reach candidates. As shown above, in facts, these channels are actively used by people. Be it interacting with friends and colleagues, writing a blog or running a campaign, everything is done on just one platform. A single job post on FB or LinkedIn fetches better response from candidates as compared to job boards or other recruiting tools. The reason is quite simple: Job seekers are active on these sites 24X7.

Open and Instant Engagement

There is no other way where you can interact with candidates so quickly. A candidate can apply for a vacancy from a job board only if he logs onto the same. Whereas with quick access of social sites to all, companies get instant resume submissions. Quick interaction with candidates is what a recruiter needs to close a job position. You can instantly know whether a candidate can easily fit into your organization, be it professionally or culturally. This eliminates unnecessary time being wasted on fixing interviews, screening candidates through face-to-face meetings and then shortlisting them. Thus, recruiters prefer to work on social platforms while hiring candidates.

Company Promotion

Job candidates check about the reputation of company from its social media presence. The reviews and feedback help candidates in deciding whether they want to work in the company or not. Thus, it is a perfect opportunity for the recruiters to promote their companies on social channels. Content plays a big role here. It should be engaging and persuasive enough to build interest in the minds of job seekers. To sum up, social recruiting not only helps in building brand awareness but also strengthens it.

Getting referrals

Referrals are another way of hiring candidates. Companies tell their employees to promote the new vacancies on their personal social profiles. Giving lucrative referral awards to employees will motivate them to bring more candidates to the organization and the organization will, in turn, get more options to choose from.

Reduction in Hiring Cost

Social recruiting is obviously not free but certainly, the cost invested in the same is much lesser than running recruitment ads on job boards or print media. Thus, these channels are definitely recommended if you are looking at saving time, money and efforts.

The fast-paced digital world calls for the adoption of automation and artificial intelligence in every process. Thus, it becomes crucial for recruiters to use such plugins which can speed up the recruitment process and deliver better efficiency and productivity. If you have started using social media for recruiting, make sure you are availing all the above-mentioned benefits.