For many, it’s that time of the year when love is in the air.  If you don’t know, it’s Valentine’s Day next Monday.  More than half of people meet their partners in a shared environment.  When you work full time, that can often mean one place: the office.


Office romances can be disastrous.  On the one hand, they can damage productivity – if employees are paying more attention to Cupid in the next cubicle than their spread sheet.  On the other, it can be more serious: employee-manager relationships or a fallen-out couple could lead to social unrest in the workplace.


But, they definitely provide entertainment.  Corporate romance provides excitement, material for gossip, happier employees and camaraderie amongst the workforce.


What is the role of employers in this battle for love?  Should they ban office romance?

Nearly half of employees are unaware if there is a company policy on office romances.  However, some management experts believe that amorous employees are more engaged employees.


So which is better, an engaged employee or a productive one?