A new original insight report by ETS looks at how HR professionals typically replicate ‘best practice’ processes, based on accepted industry thinking when tasked with implementing a new HR solution.  

What’s wrong with that?  While traditionally, this approach has been effective for HR professionals, we argue that so-called ‘best practice’ may not be the best suited solution for organisations. 

This paper shows a different approach: HR professionals can be more successful if they shape and deploy bespoke HR practices and technology that are the ‘best fit’ for their organisation. 

– We explain how applying bespoke HR will result in HR departments getting more value from every initiative.

– We demonstrate why best practice may actually be worst for your company.

– We show how best fit solutions build competitive advantage by creating new solutions, building as needed on what’s worked elsewhere.

– We break down exactly how HR practitioners should apply their own best fit approach, by balancing business and HR goals, best practice and company culture and processes.

– We present some client case study examples of HR practice and technology that employ bespoke HR principles.

In short, this paper outlines a practical overview of why and how HR departments should create distinctive and more successful initiatives.

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