Taking charge of and leading a team is the trickiest and challenging task for any manager. Achieving targets and keeping your people happy, at the same time is crucial. At times, when everything appears well, you see that what you achieve is very little. But, when you see you are reaching your targets, you see your team in misery. These are the signs of team disaffection. What is best way to fix team disaffection?

Yes, it's time to rely on performance management software to set your employees straight again.

But will this actually help? Let us quickly take a look at the simple process. 

Check into thoroughly : Knowing the exact reason behind employee disaffection solves half of the problem. Usually, employee disaffection is a performance issue-of an individual or the entire team. Now, what can be cause for the rise of performance issue? Well, one can be incorrect set of objectives. Employees or the team might feel that the objectives set by the management/manager are not realistic and achievable. Here comes performance management software to rescue! Performance management software keeps track of the objectives, employee performance and feedback. It also manages employee recognition, analytic and reports that are very essential to keep the employees motivated and looped in the team to achieve the goal.

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Get started with efficient performance management software: Performance management software creates an environment of honesty, openness and healthy competition. It allows you to set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound and evaluated objectives. Giving clear feedback is equally essential. Issues arise over feedback as many employees considered it as criticism. However, employees will not have a chance to improve and get better without being told in which areas they need to improve and how to go about it. Performance management software categorizes it as 'Feedback' making it evident that along with the feedback, necessary guidance and support is offered.

Make sure you set goals that align to the organization's objectives. Employees need to know that their work and contribution matters and has relevance to the company's growth.

Applaud: As soon as the objectives are met, do not waste a single minute! Praise and reward your team. Your team should be sure that what they do at work is watched by you. A genuine applaud is a real motivator, and performance management does a good job of keeping track of employee performances.

Disaffection of any team can be extremely damaging to the organization. Disaffection of employees will gradually result in poor performance that will affect the entire team and the business. Fortunately, performance management can tackle the problem. Ultimately, individual employee, the team and the company can benefit out of it!

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