Cascade supports research findings for HR to embrace simplicity

Research findings revealed at the CIPD’s annual conference last week, highlighted that organisations need to ‘embrace simplicity’ to avoid destroying their value.

Simon Collinson, a director at consultancy firm Simplicity Partnership, discussed the increased unnecessary complexity that numerous HR policies and procedures can add to business activity. He went on to provide a case study illustration of a company that simplified the systems within its HR department and achieved time savings equivalent to an average 1.5 days a week.

This is a trend echoed amongst Cascade’s clients too – one client reported saving around 3,000 hours, or up to £40,000, per year meaning the software had paid for itself in less than 16 months.

Our fully-integrated HR and HMRC-recognised payroll software is much more than a databank. It is an intelligent system that handles with ease the transactional HR issues that Collinson suggested can distract professionals and increase the complexity of their workload. It pushes processes too and actually encourages HR teams to be more transformational in their approach. In this sense it ensures more time is spent managing the important people-orientated elements of HR.

In short, Cascade helps raise the profile of HR, and the software adds value rather than detracting it.

One of the key reasons Cascade is able to do this is because the software is not unnecessarily complex. Functionality is only added when there is evidence that clients will really benefit from it; we don’t simply integrate new modules and processes just because our developers want them to be there.

Similarly the client-focused specialists within our Change Laboratory thoroughly review and analyse clients’ software usage patterns; a proactive approach that forms a fundamental part of Cascade’s technological development strategy. A carefully devised algorithm combines Change Laboratory insight with developers’ technical knowledge, service desk analysis, legislative developments and client suggestions gathered via our user groups and customer research forums.

Not only can we then test and prioritise how the development path should unfold, but we are also able to identify new requirements and potentially problematic patterns, before the client has even realised them.

Of course, organisations need to be receptive to change if they are to progress in the ever-evolving modern business environment. Collinson identified that some of the poorer performers within Simplicity Partnership’s research were ‘introverted companies’. The organisations that will strive to simplify their systems in order to reap the associated benefits and avoid possible complexities, are perhaps those that are willing to trust the experts, especially when it comes to HR technology.


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